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Why Sardines?


The name sardines comes from an old English children’s game of reverse hide and go seek. One person hides, while everyone else searches. Once a player finds the hidden person, they join them in their hiding spot, soon the group starts to look like a tin of sardines.

With Sardines, once your customer, peer, or stakeholder has found you they will stay with you!

Our goal is to enable companies, associations, and education providers, in sharing their products and content with large audiences. We do this by focusing on digital engagement strategies.


Who is Sardines?

Sardines was founded by Elisa in January 2019, inspired by the experience working with colleagues in Africa and her wish to help maximise engagement and knowledge sharing with the global south. The need for accessible and green alternatives in the wider event sector led her to broaden the scope of Sardines to focus on digital and hybrid solutions. Elisa has been organizing onsite and online events of all sizes and topics for several years in the UK, Europe, and Africa. During the global health crisis, the focus has shifted to predominantly online meetings, with the company now helping organisations of all sizes to maximise their digital strategies. 


Sardines Digital Engagement is an Ethos initiative. EthosVo Ltd. works with organisations and businesses to create innovative and sustainable solutions to complex problems. It is through the unique combination of collaborative methodology, trust and the moderation of self-interest that these solutions are made possible and their incubated businesses are able to grow.

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