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Sardines Virtual Team 

COVID-19 has changed the ways in which we are able to meet and interact. This has caused the mass cancellation of in-person events, work colleagues never having physically met one another, and the creeping feeling of isolation that comes with working in unfamiliar teams. Weekly coordination meetings and business as usual don’t provide ample opportunities to build rapport with new and existing colleagues and the prevalence of working from home has caused team building to slow. One way to alleviate these issues is through online and hybrid events.  


With little experience in this field, many companies are struggling to adapt to these new formats and ways of working. But building meaningful connections with colleagues is also possible digitally.

We provide packages that will give value for money for businesses that are looking to improve team cohesion with certified coaching methods combined with social activities. 

Together with our training and coaching partner, we will build a team building package based on your objectives and needs. We work with practitioners that are MBTI and Insights Discovery certified and are able to build fun activities with these tested methodologies at heart. 

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